‘We live in a society that sanctifies memory, keeping traces of each story and object sometimes obsessively. Through printing and photography techniques combined with glass, I build on the theme of traces, highlighting the objects and details I discover to forge histories and construct identities’.

My work is concerned with time and memory: the fleeting and transitory, absence and displacement, identity, a sense of belonging and loss. By juxtaposing and repeating forms which reflect these concepts, I try to further my understanding of the relationship between past and present, time and space, reality and fiction.

The installation and organisation of the elements within their immediate surroundings are of great importance to me. I have an abiding interest in the Arts and Crafts Movement, not only because of the value it places on aesthetic and high-craft aspects, but also for its philosophies and values.

Architectural details, surface decoration, wallpapers and the natural world are among my sources of inspiration and I collect related images and fragments for personal sketch books and collages which act as references for future projects. At the same time, I place importance on the conceptual aspect, drawing inspiration from literature, film and music to add further layers of meaning.