Photography has always played an important part within my work, not only in terms of photographing my sculptural pieces, installations and site specific works, but also as a tool for recording imagery to use as sources of inspiration in future projects. […]

Feather-Based Works

Recent feather-based works deal with collective and individual identity: lost feathers as traces of the journey made and remnants left behind. The Feather Crown series of works take inspiration from the American tradition of the 1900’s, […]

Lost and Found

This on-going series of works deal with the concept of collective and individual identity through the everyday form of a purse: a belonging which is often lost, stolen or mislaid, full of sentimental value and charged with personal memories. I began to make this work during a three-month long artist’s residency […]

Works on Paper

Architectural details, surface decoration, wallpapers and the natural world are among my sources of inspiration and I collect related images and fragments for personal sketch books and creating collages.


Limited-edition works which can be purchased or re-commissioned on request. If you would like more information […]

The Archer’s Paradox

The Paradox: A cast glass breastplate which […]

The Art of Deception

Ever since people have been able to speak, they have recounted myths to one another. We have an apparent need for myths: a need to ‘believe’ which […]

The Inevitability of Loss 2004


An installation created for the Blind Faith exhibition in Bruges. It comprises three hanging cast-glass panels bearing wall paper imagery and the fading words ‘longing’ and ‘desire’ […]

Human Shield I, II, & III 2006


Human Shield I, II & III form part of a series of works in the shape of a female breast plate and incorporate motifs and images which explore the recurrent themes and concerns in my work: history and its associations, memory, the fleeting and transitory. […]

Et cetera per terras


   An installation exhibited at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona as part of the BAC! IV – Barcelona’s Fourth Contemporary Art Festival and at Espai Vidre, a private gallery. The installation is an imaginary bedroom, […]