Solo Shows

Lost and Found solo show

The exhibition ‘Lost and found’ showcases the work made during my three-month-long artist’s residency at the Musée-Atelier du Verre in Northern France. The works are divided in to two series. The first, Lost and Found, deals with the concept of collective and individual identity through the everyday form of a purse: a belonging which is often lost, stolen or mislaid, full of sentimental value and charged with personal memories. […]

Diàlegs en Vidre.

The installation ‘…for in remembrance there are no distances’, was inspired by funerary urns of the Roman era into which were placed small flasks containing the tears of the mourners. The form of the everyday container is transformed into another everyday object: the pillow: an alternative container of tears and a symbol of sleep. […]

Chambers of the Memory 2003

‘Longing for the land of your memories and the birthplace of your secret desires’ A site-specific installation which received the Jutta Cuny Franz Memorial Award for New Talent in 2003. It was inspired by traces of wallpaper left clinging to the walls of recently demolished buildings in the area where I live and the way in which they give us an intimate glimpse of the past. […]

Blind Faith

The work in Blind Faith draws inspiration from the traces of wallpaper left clinging to the walls of recently demolished buildings, and the way in which they provide us with an intimate glimpse of the past. Now exposed to the passer-by, these fragments are not only an indication of the time and tastes of their inhabitants, but become a metaphor for memory and a reminder of our own mortality. […]

The Custodian of Memory

The exhibition took place in the unique setting of a disused convent crypt […]

Rear Window

The exhibition, La Ventana Indiscreta – (Rear Window) – includes work dating from 2003 to 2009, combining glass with photography, drawing and projection. The exhibition explores the recurring themes within my work […]