Group Shows

BAC IV (Barcelona’s 4th Contemporary Art Fair) La Piel (Skin)

The installation ‘Outside-In’ was made specifically for BAC IV and is inspired by the Cordoban leather wall coverings of the 16th and 17th centuries. It reflects the cross-cultural pollination, born of other cultures and times, which is so clearly seen in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, a contemporary cradle of cultures, where the work was first exhibited. […]

Remarkable Glass

‘Lost and found’ is a series of works created during her artist’s residency in France and deals with the concept of collective and individual identity through the everyday form of a purse.  […]

Inspired by

I have been interested in the Arts and Crafts Movement since I began studying Landscape Architecture in the early eighties. As a keen observer of architectural details, surface textures, and wallpapers, I collect fragments […]

Glass Games

The Archer’s Paradox and The Art of Deception were selected for exhibiton during the 2012 Olympic Games. Courage, determination and strength are requisite qualities of both athlete and artist, but these are often underpinned by fragility. […]

Joyeria Creativa

A juried show of sculptural jewellery with a special focus on recycled glass. I took the everyday glass bottle sometimes used as a container of messages, to create new works which take the story of the Ice Maiden and history of tattoos as a source of inspiration. […]

ARTFAD (Association for Art and Design) Finalists’ show & Side By Side Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Human Shield I, II & III were exhibited in Barcelona at the ARTFAD finalist’s show where I was awarded […]

New Glass: Ancient Skill, Contemporary Artform

The feather-based pieces deal with the concept of collective and individual identity: lost feathers, remnants of the necessary journey. Made from delicate pate de verre, their fragility raises the question of threatened identities and personal expression in contemporary society. […]