Project Description


 An installation exhibited at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona as part of the BAC! IV – Barcelona’s Fourth Contemporary Art Festival and at Espai Vidre, a private gallery. The installation is an imaginary bedroom, the boat symbolising the bed, within which you can travel in your dreams. It appears both protective, like a cot, but also strong like a war boat. Here, the pillow, an everyday object associated with sleep, also represents a container for dreams.A series of sandblasted slumped glass panels float away from the bed creating a dream-like sensation. The panels are the tangible reality of dreams in space and the changing shadows they cast on the ground represent another, more ephemeral reality, playing with the idea of subconscious and conscious; floating between sleep and wakefulness. The table and the cabinet contain mementoes of journeys,  like the cabinets of curiosities used by the travellers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to exhibit their collections.