Project Description

The exhibition, La Ventana Indiscreta – (Rear Window) – includes work dating from 2003 to 2009, combining glass with photography, drawing and projection. The exhibition explores the recurring themes within my work time and memory: history and its associations, absence and displacement, the fleeting and transitory.

‘The work of Philippa Beveridge is a visual record of memories transformed into her compassionate and personal viewpoint. Her MAVA show, intriguingly titled La Ventana Indiscreta (Rear Window), features a body of work developed over the past five years. The artist eschews a chronological approach and instead has chosen to display her work in thematic groups connected by a linking thread and a shared aesthetic: panels etched with poppy imagery, breastplates, hanging glass banners, boxes, photos and collages bear overlapping motifs becoming the refrain of the work and taking on an elegiac quality.’ Rene Culler

To view the exhibition catalogue please click on the following link: 2a_Catálogo MAVA