Sculptural Glass

The Inevitability of Loss 2004


An installation created for the Blind Faith exhibition in Bruges. It comprises three hanging cast-glass panels bearing wall paper imagery and the fading words ‘longing’ and ‘desire’ […]

For the dream nobody sees but you…


The installation For the dream nobody sees but you deals with the transmission of images and the transformation of light via glass. The projected images are from my own personal library – places I have visited, dreamt about and sometimes longed for, combined with stills from The Singing, Ringing Tree – a tale I remember vividly from my childhood. […]

Courage 2006


Courage was created especially for the 10th anniversary of the MAVA (Museum of Art in Glass, Madrid) and complements the first series of Human Shields. […]

New Glass: Ancient Skill, Contemporary Artform

The feather-based pieces deal with the concept of collective and individual identity: lost feathers, remnants of the necessary journey. Made from delicate pate de verre, their fragility raises the question of threatened identities and personal expression in contemporary society. […]